With engines humming and seat belts securely fastened, we raised our little plastic cups of complimentary booze, saluted the travel gods, and offered up a toast: To the strange and thrilling days ahead. Three months back we had decided to quit our jobs, get rid of our stuff, and travel the world for a year. We didn’t have much holding us back in the way of kids or a mortgage, so the idea was surprisingly plausible. But what about leaving behind our beloved pet dog Dixie? Family agreed to care for her (she survived). And what about leaving behind our life in blue-skied, Spanish-tiled Santa Barbara? After ten years in paradise, it was time for some grit.

So in seats 23D and 23E on Asiana flight 213 out of San Francisco, we were on our way to destination #1: Seoul, South Korea. To fall into the dark unknown, smoke a hookah, experience the exotic, and wake up on the other side is not a new story, but it is ours now to tell. Welcome to Alice in Tikiland. Have a painkiller: 2 oz. Pusser's rum, 4 oz. pineapple juice, 1 oz. orange juice, 1 oz. cream of coconut. Shake vigorously, pour over ice, and top with fresh grated nutmeg.  

Enjoy your cocktail and the sample pages above, then get the full (high res) book on the iBookstore. Thai boxing, grease wrestling, Everest Base Camp, Iceland's ring road, Hindu trance dance, octopus on a stick, butt shorts...it's all laid bare in the Alice in Tikiland iBook.