Vintage Shop Launch: Let the Games Begin

Three months ago, with a nod to Rio, where Simone Biles was killing it (Team USA!), and a wink to 1984 Los Angeles, where short shorts and knee socks were having their one moment in time, my first vintage piece went up for sale on Etsy: a red, white, and blue polyester track jacket. This stellar find from a Santa Fe consignment shop was suddenly standing tall and proud on the world stage, and - damn! - it was glorious. The Alice in Tikiland vintage shop was officially launched, and soon the champagne was popping for its first sale: a Levi's red tab slice of classic Americana.

I present to you my glittering trove of vintage western wear, boho caftans, Hawaiian dresses, silk robes, classic denim, and everything crazy, cool, and classy in between. Shop now and let the games begin.